Intermediate Designer, Architectural Graduate

Wael grew up in Egypt, a country very rich in history & architecture, which helped develop his passion for both. He was always fascinated with not only the beauty and craftsmanship of those buildings, but more with the design concepts & science that brought those structures to life and helped them last for generations. This lead him to be greatly interested in sustainability and the utilization of natural resources that can make buildings both timeless, and human. He got his Bachelors degree in Architecture from Cairo University, top ranked Architecture school in its region. As a registered Architect in Egypt he was mainly focusing on commercial projects, with few residential projects across the middle east & Africa. Moving to Canada, he worked on a variety of commercial & residential projects, including mixed-use high-rise towers, hotels, casinos, office spaces, single family houses, and restaurants.

Aside of architecture, Wael had a long career as a professional gymnast, representing Egypt on the international level on several occasions. He also loves photography, traveling, reading, and listening to music.