Intern Architect AIBC, MRAIC

Intern Architect

Ali studied his Bachelor of Architecture at Yazd University in Iran. The historical architecture of the city of Yazd, which dates back to 15 centuries ago, was a great source of inspiration and learning for him. He was involved in number of renovation and new construction projects in Yazd and in his hometown of Tehran before and after the graduation.

Ali later moved to Malaysia to continue his education and to explore South-east Asian culture. During that time, his focus was on researching climatic responsive architecture and thermal environment in urban neighborhood scale. He finally graduated with a master’s degree in urban planning and Design from University Putra Malaysia (UPM) and moved from the far east to the far west, the West Coast of Canada.

While in Vancouver, Ali has been involved in the design and construction of residential project (from large single houses to town houses and low-rise apartment buildings), recreational facilities, daycares, etc. He has also worked on the code and specification review of number of tenant improvements and renovation of commercial and office projects.

Ali is generally passionate about people and their experiences. In architecture, he is passionate about design excellence, efficiency in design process and its outcome the built environment, and truly enjoys the realization of design details in construction. Ali thinks about “Sustainable Architecture” every day and the fact that it is more than just “Green Architecture” and “Energy Efficient Buildings”. Ali is an avid nature lover and outdoor enthusiast and tries to spend as much time outside as possible with his children. He enjoys photography, reading, hiking, skiing, swimming and cycling.